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SPZ- 160B with cold/hot invert

1. Generator: SPZ-160B
2. Transformer and capacitor together;
3. With cold / hot status switch: during steel heating process, load is heavy when steel is cold lower than 600℃, above 600℃, load is much light, this acter of steel will cause heating much slow with average power only one third of the machine’s rated power. Cold/hot switch will solve this problem to increase heating speed.
4. Output frequency: 5-20KHZ
5. Cable length: 2 m
6. Transformer ratio: 2:1~1:1
7. Transformer size(CM): 72L× 49W× 79H
8. Transformer weight:
9. Suitable for single steel rod heating
Keyword: induction heater, high frequency brazing machine, melting machine


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